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Valeo starters rebuilt or replaced


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Having recently experienced pending failure of my 02 RT starter, I have obtained a source of either rebuild or replacement with a Valeo starter, not aftermarket.


I should be able to do the rebuild for $80-100 and a replacement should run about $250. If anyone is interested, please PM me. My supplier tells me that these are real Valeo starters and parts. I've got the stuff inbound for a complete rebuild for my starter. I'll be able to tell you more after I get my parts in and the starter rebuilt


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On the Valeo starter, the magnets usually come off, just use a good Aradite (high temp) and stick it back on, then it's back on the road again. I happened to me, about a year ago.





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Thanks Rich! That's even better than the line I had on starters. Sure am glad I posted this and got some more thourough input. I've got the stuff inbound for my starter rebuild now, but next time I'll be better prepared. Not only are you guys patient, your also well informed. thumbsup.gif



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