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Ztechnik Storage Pod


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I tried two of these Storage Pods. I never knew Ztechnik carried them. Ordered one from Nationalcycle.com (the windscreen place) from their ad in Cycle World I believe. The first one arrived with a large crease across the top - it was very poorly packed. Sent it back and eventually received a replacement pod with the same problem. It was also very poorly packed. I called and they said I could use an iron to attempt to remove the crease. Well, for something like $140, I didn't believe I should have to do anything like that. I sent it back and eventually received a refund. I thought it was a neat idea but finally opted for a Bags Connection Engange XL tank bag. I've very happy with it. I like carrying my stuff up in front of me on the tank - it's only a pain when refueling but the tank bag goes on a metal clip raised over the fuel filler. It doesn't touch the fuel tank.

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