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Little David & Chi-Towners...none nicer!


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Not much of a ride report, because I was in the cage for a impromptu meeting in Chicago.

It unfolded just a couple days ago, when Barb and I just got a wild hair to run down to Libertyville, Il. to see a local (Minneapolis) band we follow. It was just a last minute "why not?" type of deal.


I have not been on the board here much this winter, but Barb and I figure what the h*ll, let's see if anyone wants to just meet for dinner, and a few stories/laughs.


So, in the end, when Raaaan, Dennis Murphy, Steve and Karen Knapp, and especially little David Knapp (whom we had yet to meet) showed up, we were pleasantly surprised. We were amply rewarded with GREAT conversation, wonderful company that seems to be a trademark ALWAYS of the ChiTown crew.


Thanks guys!



But, I just have to re-affirm here why I originally stayed with this board, and continue to...there are some great people that reside here, not only knowledgeable on riding, but just genuinely good people to hang with.


Also, having met one year old David Knapp, all Barb and I can say is what a GREAT KID! If we knew kids could turn out that cute, and well-behaved, we might have had even had a couple! David is a hoot, and I am sure all the credit goes to the wonderful parenting provided by Steve and Karen! What a GUY! I think we want to be his "Minnie" aunt and uncle.


So, in the end, this is just Thank You to those great Chi-Town people that reside on the board!


They were even so wonderful as to suggest a quicker route home for us that put us on the I-94 tollway to Milwaukee, then home. Knappy says, "it's more miles, but quicker because you're doing 75 mph all the way". So, after paying our tolls to the State of Ill., we were treated with a stopped-dead freeway around Kenosha, where it took 40 friggin' minutes to go 1/2 mile! Believe it or not, we laughed about even that all the way home! It must have been the great frame of mind we were in from our little dinner there, because normally I would have been fuming in that kind of traffic mess.

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We had a great time, too! Man, I could go for another "black and blue" burger in a heartbeat. David is truly a good-natured kid. We can take him almost anywhere, at least for now. Thanks for coming down this way. It was great to see you guys!

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David is truly a good-natured kid. We can take him almost anywhere, at least for now.


Good thing he takes after you and not his father. blush.gif

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