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r1100rt test tube removing cat


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Hi Dugg and welcome!

The cat and muffler are really all one piece so replacing the cat with a straight pipe isn't possible. However, some time ago there was a thread about cutting open the exhaust assembly, peel back the outer casing and remove the cat, then close and weld the flap back in place. The cut was on the top side of the exhaust and not seen once the exhaust is reinstalled on the bike.

Here is a link with pics and info on the cat removal


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Not easily done on an 1100RT, but there is a document floating around that describes how to open the cat section of the exhaust system and remove the element, then weld it back closed.


Not worth the effort though and I know because I did it myself. I wasn't looking for increased performance, rather I was under the impression that I might have a clogged cat element due to some consistently low MPG figures and the fact that I had been running the bike somewhat richer than stock for some time. Upon removing the element though there was no damage whatsoever (so I think we can put all of the 'pulling the CCP will melt down your converter' theories to rest), nor was there the slightest change in either performance or mileage. Short of it actually being damaged there isn't any real reason to pull the cat out, and of course a good reason not to in that it will increase emissions with no commensurate performance benefit.

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That might be the case with an RT, but with the 1100s, the removal of the cat makes a whole lot of difference. On the S the cat is separate from the silencer so it is easy to do.

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