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fuel line


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i can't get at my bike right now because of the deep snow drifts (stop laugh all you folks in florida and Kalifornia), but want to know if anyone knows the O.D. of the plastic fuel line attached to the pressure regulator...


we all know that the rubber hose which slips over the line is 8mm I.D. but does anyone know the actuall O.D. and I.D. of the plastic line?

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Yeeha! Stephen

Don't have a metric caliper, but my regulator line is 0.325" outside.


and... about 0.235" inside the plastic tube... and 0.195" inside the brass nipple.


I know the conversion doesn't calculate out, but that's what it is. I went and double checked. You really have to squeeze the calipers to get it down to 8mm. tongue.gif

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