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Looking for suggestions on pull over rain boots


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I've got a set of the frog togg rain wear, but now I need a simple pair of rubber boots to slip over my regular shoes. I been searching with no luck. Any suggestions?



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Let's not forget Totes. Been in that business since Methuselah was in kindergarten. My far simpler solution is to just use my Oxtar Matrix boots all the time. They are no hotter than regular MC specific footwear and are 100% water tight.

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My feet have also been bone dry happy on my second pair of Oxtar Matrix boots. Cruiser boots are also dry and comfortable, however there is less ankle protection.


If you do go for the rubbers, put plastic shopping bags between your regular footwear and the pullovers for an easier slip-on.

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My current pair of totes are at least 10 years old. Having a very hard time finding anybody that carries them. Finally got on-line, got their number and called. Turns out they're going to get out of the footwear business except for 2 different styles. They still have the "boot" totes that I like.....at $17 per pair....but when they're gone....they're gone!! They'll only be doing a "slip over" style.....that only covers low-quarter type shoes....and the others will be a "half-boot" style....not what I think are tall enough...but they might work ok.


I will miss them..........



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