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Motronic Reset on 1150?


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I'm doing a level 2 service today and, while doing so, will be installing the GS intake tubes and cat code plug.


I partially recall the procedure of resetting the computer by pulling out the appropriate fuse/relay and then twisting the throttle three times or something like that.


I am totally befuddled by the search engine, so I humbly request a detailed, precise procedure on this operation. I'm pretty sure I can figure out which fuse/relay to pull, but here are my questions:


1. Pull the fuse/relay and reinstall it before twisting throttle or after?

2. Engine on when twisting throttle or off? It doesn't make sense to me for it to be off, but I just thought I would ask.

3. Am I missing something else?




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Remove fuse 5 (double check that by reading the fuse information on the back of the electrical system box cover... you're looking for the Motronic fuse) wait a minute and then reinstall. Then, turn on ignition and kill switch but do not start the engine.


Twist the throttle full open and closed three times. You're done. The Motronic has now relearned the zero for the TPS......go ride.


Also take a look at the Search Tutorial in Discussion Board Support for some help with that function. wave.gif

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