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anyone switch from Z6 tires to the Avon Storm ST's?


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I have been riding front and rear metzler Z6 tires on my '02 RTP and have been mostly satisfied with them. I'm interested in these new avon tires, but would like a bit of info on them from anyone who might have switched over. Im pretty rough on tires and riding all year long, rain or shine, and the Z6 tires seem to work great in the rain as well as normal driving. So...is anyone satisfied with the switch to the avon tires?

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Hey Kyle, you might not get the 'deluge of data' you were hoping for, since it is winter in half the country and the Storm ST's seem to be fairly new on the market.


I have my second set of Z6's on my '05 12RT and a new set of Storm ST's sitting in the garage waiting for spring or a trip (much farther...) south. Whichever comes first. But in either case it would be at least a few weeks before a lot of us could even give an initial opinion, never mind a long term comment wave.gif .



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