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Exhaust manifold seal rings -


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Joe Frickin' Friday
The repair manual says to replace them when reinstalling the exhaust. Is it possible to reuse them without having them leak?


If you're lucky and they don't crumble apart when removing the header, I think they're OK to re-use. But used ones are kinda fragile...

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The bike has @ 7K on it, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference (not as many heat cycles to make it as brittle <?>).


Do the seals normally stay in the head or do they tend to fall out when you remove the pipe?



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I had the exhaust headers off my 1100S about 4 different times and re-used the original gaskets every time. Mine just stayed in the heads. No leaks either. I doubt they would have survived removal for inspection though and, from what little experience I have had with finding/ordering new ones, they seem to be on perpetual back order.

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