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Service Manual Disparities


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I bought a Haynes manual to supplement my factory service manual for the 2004 RT. The Haynes calls out all sorts of minor services not listed in the factory manual - for example, replacing the throttle cables every 18k, and for that matter, lubricating the throttle cables. None of this is covered in the factory manual, and of course, the less work, the happier I am. Nonetheless, if there is anecdotal evidence that the extra work prescribed by Haynes is worthwhile, so be it. Any opinions?



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I would take all the Haynes manual suggestions with a grain of salt. As for cables, replace them when they get stiff. As a reference, I replaced my original throttle cable ('96 R1100RT) at 55K miles. BMW cables do NOT need lubrication. Only the barrels at the ends of the cables should be lubed so they spin in the housings. This is a lot more important on the cable actuated clutches.




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