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More seat madness!! Anyone out there at all with Wunderlichs on R1200RT?


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Well I am finally beginning to narrow down my choice of replacement seats!


Sargent Cost in USA for replacement heated rdier and passenger seat £426...cost in UK £619. Even allowing for tax and shipping looks a bit too expensive for my liking.


Touratech...Cost for both heated seats around £500 (non-exchange) and have had good feedback from people who have gone this route


That leaves Wunderlich...cost for both heated seats £303 which is one heck of a difference!!!!!


I know Granny always said 'buy cheap and you buy twice' but Wunderlich make good quality stuff...so is there a hidden catch???? The main trouble is that I cant tell from the pics in catalogue if the W seats are wider than stock, they are certainly more contoured. And, as they are an order only item, no dealer ever keeps them in stock to look at. So, has anyone fitted them (come on German members...any of you have them??), what do you think of them? Are they wider? More comfortable? What is the quality like? Anyone ever actually seen any?? :-)

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I have a wunderlich for my RT because it allows for a lower position beyond the stock seat, however, it's not heated. My seat is more narrower than the stock seat but I don't know how this helps you with you bike. you are right about the quality. mine appears to be well made.

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I have Wunderlich solo heated seat on my R12RT. Fit,quality,and heating are first rate. However the comfort is not alot better than stock. Might be a 2 hour seat but not a day-long.

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Thanks, thats jsut what I needed to know At 6'1" and 210lbs I get about an hour and half out of my stock seat before it becomes too uncomfortable to carry on. If the best I can expect out of Wunderlich is 2 hours then its not worth the money.


George, how long do you get out of your Touratech??? I'm fed up with the dreaded stock seat pain in the tail!!

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Graeme, our ride down to Turkey last year was a peach, so much so to the Touratech Seat, comforting my rather large butt lmao.gif

Originally the rider seat on the R1200RT was really comfortable, but after a year and 12K I was having trouble with it, I suppose I had just compressed the foam so much, it had lost it's support, and was a pain after only 1-2 hrs.

The Kahedo seat from TT is a must, it is so much more padded, in fact it is so full of padding, it is 1 1/2 inches higher, real OEM heating as well. In fact, the actual seat base, IS an original BMW seat base, with all the heating elements and wiing there, and Kahedo have just fitted it out better. thumbsup.gif

If you want some high res pics, let me know

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Yes please Goerge I'd love to see some pics (graeme@wbrltd.co.uk in case u need to email me) Looks like the TT seat is the one. The Sargent also looks good but is so expensive. I can buy TT and get crashbars for the R12RT for the same price!!

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