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Am experiencing my second Low ABS fluid fault in my '02 RT's ABS in the past ffive months. Had the ABS system replaced in Aug '06.


Dealership can't find a leak, and is trying to figure out why I'm losing fluid. I have not dropped/laid down the bike at all, so they are having a tough time figuring where the fluid is going.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I believe you only get a fault if one of the two brake circuits is low in fluid. The control circuits are monitored visually. ? correct.


It wouldn't likely be the fluid level sensor if the ABS unit was replaced.


If the pads are severly worn and the tech fills the brake fluid reservoirs with the pads retracted, you could see a fault right away as the fluid goes down when the pads reseat on the disks. However, I would assume any reasonable tech would know this. Otherwise, there must be a leak somewhere in one of the two brake circuits. Have you removed the tank and held first the front brake (which should work both circuits) looking for a leak from the ABS controller all the way to the caliper?

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