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Rain Gear


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The time has come, and I need rain gear. Ii I have to break it out, I plan on and riding until I can either ride out of the rain or get to my destination (anywhere from 2 miles to 2000 miles) Any suggestions??






Edit : Mods, please put this where it belongs, I think I'm in the wrong place. Sorry.

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I'm sure you will get a better answer than this but, all I can suggest is spend as much as you can on it. You do get what you pay for when it comes to rain gear. I learned this the hard way.



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Frogg Toggs work well in most situations.

I'd suggest you check w/local parts man about the First Gear Rainman 2 pc. suit.

Has a hood, folds into integral bag/fanny pack.

One of the best of the nylon rain suits.

Beth loves hers.

I have the TourMaster Elite, really like it, but think I'd rather have the Firstgear jacket.

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I've been using motoport rain gear.Two layers of goretex.Separate pants and jacket.Has kept me dry every time I use it.Also keeps me warm over top all my other gear in temps down to 30f.Great wind stopper! And I thought goretex was for yuppie campers.

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I don't know if the market it anymore but the BMW Klima Komfort rain suit is a superb bit of kit. Goretex like membrane under a lightweight outer shell that is also at least a little water repellent. I have yet to get so much as damp while wearing it. It is quite expensive and worth every nickel.

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Thanks for the replies!


Tim and Matt, I heard that the Frog Togs are good, but that they have melted as well. I don't see how that's possible with the tupperware that surrounds the engine and pipes. Any truth to this?? confused.gif

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Lots of the VTwin crowd have that issue since the pipes are right there in the open. Many I know that use toggs have taken a piece of an old ironing board cover and used the iron on adhesive to attach it to the inside of the right leg.


On an RT though, I can't see it being anywhere near an issue.

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+1 on the Frogg Toggs. They are relatively inexpensive, but they haven't failed me or my Dad yet. I bought us each a set a few years ago. I've only used mine a handlfull of times. My regular riding gear keeps me dry in all but the worst downpours. My Dad's set have lasted him through

1 trip to Alaska

1 trip to Nova Scotia

1 trip to California

1 trip around the great lakes

and everyplace in between


Granted he rides a goldwing so he has pretty good protection, but they have held up through about the worst conditions you could throw at them.

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I'm sure you will get a better answer than this but, all I can suggest is spend as much as you can on it. You do get what you pay for when it comes to rain gear. I learned this the hard way. Pat


Agreed! I've had more problems with pants than jackets. A hint I picked up from David Hough, who sees lots of precipitation in Seattle is to use heavy duty rain gear made for commercial fishermen or sailers. Helly-Hansen is a brand I like. Norwaysports.com offers a HD goretex bib-top rain pant that is really nice. I picked mine up on sale for around $75 (~half price and included free shipping). I have no commercial interest in HH or the vendor -- just very satisfied with both.

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Another vote for Frogg Toggs. Three of us in TX use them, and have great results through some heavy down pours in AR on the interstate. You can find good prices on the internet, just do a little searching on fishing / sporting goods sites.



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I have the BMW one piece - easy on/easy off, well made. I got it on sale for $80, I think it goes for about a c-note.


I also have the BMW one-piece. While I agree with the above comments, I do have three complaints:


1. In extended downpours water tends to leak down the zipper, and right onto my crotch. blush.gif

2. I'm 6'3", and I wish it were a little longer. In my case, the legs will ride up over the top of anything other than full length boots.

3. It's hot. It doesn't breathe at all.


For me, the solution was an Aerostich. I got one last fall, and plan on just dropping my use of rain gear. That might be an option for you to consider...there's options on the market (Aerostich and others) for riding suits that will keep you dry. Nothing extra to pack, and no stopping to take the gear off and on.


Otherwise, go with something that packs small so you'll never hesitate to keep it on the bike somewhere.

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Many products, including Aerostitch's can leak through crotch when water pools on seat during heavy rain..

Seam sealing helps.

Frogg Toggs can melt, as most other things will too, when in contact w/pipes.

My Frogg Toggs failed during a high speed test. eek.gif

In our temps. an Aerostitch is good for part of the year only IMO.

With our weather variations I keep the Froggs for some trips and the Tour Mster or First Gear for others.

It's like gloves, need more than one, tongue.gif

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I have the BMW one piece and am very happy with it. When I bought it I followed my dealers advice and bought the size that would fit over the bulkiest outfit I might be wearing. I am 5-10. I ended up with a XXL so that it would fit over my Olympia gear even when wearing the insulated liners. I like the idea of a separate rain suit even though I have waterproof gear. The rain gear is great in the summer when I wear my mesh suit and I have even used the one piece on a dry day for added warmth when temperatures hovered in the mid 20's all day.

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I have a 1150 GS and the Frogg Toggs are great and cheap to replace if you did melt them. I will say that the other good thing about Frogg toggs is they breath and you can wear them in the heat of summer. I think you can not go wrong with them. Yes they so look a little cheap and they are but they do the trick and I am not riding my GS for a fasion show we leave that to the HD riders.

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I understand that the Frogg Toggs breathe since they're not rubber coated like my old rainsuit. But will they block the wind? Sometimes in the cold my rainsuit is just the ticket since it's such a good windbreaker. Swelters me in summer rain, though. Thanks.



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They do block wind. Not like a PVC suit.

They also don't like wet conditions and xxx speeds, unless you get one of the high end versions.

Can also be worn under jacket/pants as a hypothermic barrier.

Around here, Toggs in summer are great.

The dedicated rain gear used over waterproof gear is redundancy, but, your other gear stays dry instead of getting waterlogged and leaks don't happen.

Great for cold.

Frogg Toggs come in many different models.

The usual type sold in MC shop is toward the lower end.

They have some fabulous high end products too.

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Thanks, Tim. My F650 will just hit xxx, so maybe high speed won't be an issue. My old Nelson Rigg rain suit has been a good one but it's bulky and heavy, not real easy to pack or comfortable to wear. Would you have a suggestion on where to look for higher-end Frogg Toggs? Anybody else?? Thanks very much.



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