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New RAM Mount - Opinions for the 1150RT?


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Just came across this new RAM mount component, apparently to be available soon. Does anybody know whether it might work on the 1150RT? I'm not too hot on adding links on this site, so here goes:




I ask because the TomTom Rider (which I love, by the way) has a mount system which can be adapted for the handlebar risers, but it leaves the screen tilted down too much. So I'm looking at alternatives. Is it worth the wait for this new piece of kit?

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I'm not familiar with the stems on the 1150RT's but the main thing to look at is the stem bolt. You need the hole to be between 1/2" - 1 1/4" ID and about 1 1/4" deep.


I'd be curious to hear what you get when you measure..



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The easiest mount for the 1150RT, in my opinion, is the combination of RAM parts RCB-CHB-HDW and RAM-11M which you can find at various distributors. I'll try to attach a link to where I bought mine. You can also get mounts that go on the brake and clutch reservoirs, but I didn't want my GPS there. With this mount, you can put the GPS right over the center of the handlebar, especially if you use the short arm.



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This is exactly what I have done. I suppose I should have popped the dust cap off the central bearing to see for myself before I asked around. I went out this lunchtime and did just that. Not much room in there for the new kit that I could see.


So I went back online and ordered the configuration you have just described.


Thanks for your input. At least I know I'm on a well-beaten path.

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