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O2 sensor


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ive got my exhaust off, pending install of new one...my question is ..is there any maint or cleaning i can/should do on the o2 sensor?..ive had no problems but its covered with carbon/soot....thanks

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O2 sensor checks seems to be a largely-ignored maintenance item on motorcycles, just like on cars. And just like on cars it is probably a good idea to test/replace them at intervals recommended by the vehicle or sensor manufacturer, usually no longer than 60-100k miles. Do an Internet search and you will find the procedure to check yours with a voltmeter, probably worth doing if you're over 50k miles. Also you or your dealer can look for a fault code in the ECU, although lack or presence of same isn't always a reliable indication. A visual inspection won't tell you much and don't worry about the tip being covered with soot, they all get that way pretty quickly in service.


Or you can do as most vehicle owners do... ignore the O2 sensor until you detect a problem with driveability or mileage and deal with it then. Probably not the best option, but the most common.

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