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Hepco Becker Gobi System


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Like these.



To some the unbalanced look is off putting.



I have only driven a short distance with them, I can't tell.


The saddle bags will not hold a full face helmet.


The water taps are cool and I like the looks, but no traveling experience yet.


They are easy to put on, and easy to take off.


Installation is a snap.


I now have the trunk on but no pix.


Good Luck



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Those are the ones.

Stupid question: Did you have to buy Hepco Becker brackets, or will they fit on Original BMW Brackets?



Have you ridden without the rear saddle on? I'll ride without, and want to load other gear. It look like the Gobi's ride high, and may interfere with additional gear.


Do you know if the canister can be lowered and the bags moved closer to the frame? I'm concerned about all the outbound weight.



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The H & B brackets are needed for the bags.


I'm not sure about moving the exhaust. The brackets come that way, I don't think you can order them for a lower pipe.


I didn't notice any difference in the riding feel of the bike based on the "out bound weight".


When Smugmug comes back up I'll post some more pix. I don't think they really ride that high.

Your plan of using only the drivers seat won't be a problem.



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I saw a 950 Adventure KTM at Fall Torrey. It came stock with Gobi's. I loved em. I never gave any thought to anything else. I can't explain it.


It could have something to do with the advrider thread about injuries cause by metal/alloy/aluminum saddle bags.


I can't find the link.



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I have the complete system on my 950 and really like them. The top box is not insulated like the sides are and it is 42 ltrs. A couple nice things about the two walled side boxes are they are very tough and if (when) you fall and dent them you can pop the dent out. They have fill spots for the water and you just use a hair dryer to warm up the dent and with an air gun and compressor gently blow air in the hole and the dent pops out. I think they will each hold about 3 liters of water in the liners but I would not want to drink it. On hot days the interior of the boxes keeps much cooler than single wall boxes. On the AdvRider site you can usually find them in the flea market for a pretty good price since guys that use their 950's for more of a dirt bike sell them.

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