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Ebike insurance


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Ebike insurance has just become available in Australia. I obtained an on line quote and was quoted $359 against $700 with my current insurer. It appears a little too good to be true.

I see that Ebike insurance is already available in New Zealand and the U.K. Has any one had dealings with them as far as claims are concerned? You only know how good your insurer is until you make a claim.

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E Bike, there are quite a few people on ukgsers, that have dealt with them, from what they say they all seemed pretty impressed. EBIKE


Now can you come over to England, and take back bloody Sheilas Wheels Insurance, the bloody adverts, drive me up the wall!!!! lmao.gifwww.sheilaswheels.com home_page_car.jpg

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I'm with ebike, no problems, my friend who was also with them and made a claim, also no problem. I'm also with George very annoying ad. I have 3 Sheilas (Daughters), two of them tried to get their cars insured with Sheilas Wheels, they were too young frown.gif, seems Sheilas have to be over 20 years old.



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