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Scratched Cover


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Friday night, I rode to Synagogue (no, my parents aren't thrilled I own a German BMW, but that is another thread...) and packed my gear in the saddle bags so I would look moderately presentable.


What I didn't know at the time I closed the left bag was the jacket somehow unclipped the retractable cord that stops the cover from opening 180 degrees.


When I opend the bag, it didn't stop where it normally does. The way the ground was angled where I was parked, the top of the case scraped the ground causing this lovely decoration DOH! dopeslap.gif


Any thoughts on what it would take to repair?




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Probably about $100 to completely restore it - maybe less if you know someone in the business. I had mine repaired at a body shop after a tipover in a gravely campsite. It looks new again.



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If you don't want to go to the expense of a full repair Turtle makes a product called Colour Cure. I have used this on scratches and shallow gouges on my side case lids. It doesn't repair the damage but it is effective in hiding it. If you know the damage is there or you look very closely it can be seen otherwise it is good.

I figures that the paint on the cases would eventually get damaged any way so I didn't want to go to the full expense of a respray - may be later though.

I love the look of the colour painted side case lids but for practicality give me the black lids.

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Sorry to hear about the scratch. I had the same thing happen the day I brought my bike home from the dealer. The BMW liner caught and unhooked the strap. I had the bike on the sidestand and voila, instant scratches. If I had placed the bike on the centerstand or if I had already installed the fat foot it would have missed the ground. I have since used small nylon ties to insure against this happening again. Fortunately my service manager took care of it for me at no charge. I covered the top of the bags with 3m film that I think may have done a fair job of hiding the scratches after using a touch-up pen.

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