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repaint R90S?


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Anyone out there have a GOOD referral for a shop that can repaint a 74 R90S to ORIGINAL factory specs, including emblems, decals and pinstriping?


Smoke grey, the color, according to VIN number.


It was #290 sold in the US.


Thanks, Mark.

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Factory specs? That's a pretty tall order, and very expensive. How bad is the original, really? I wouldn't worry about the asthetics until I knew she was mechanically sound.

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Been through the mech's already...I bought this bike years ago as a basket case (salvaged) and painted it all black. Just lately, my tank has taken a dump and I have a replacement in primer, just thought since painting has to be done, then make the move BACK to original. My black paint looks nice, but would really like it the smoke grey it deserves. I am not a good enough painter to do the color fade that is needed as the original has...not to mention pinstriping, I drink too much coffee for that!

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Holt BMW/Ducati in Athens, Ohio. Specializing in original paint jobs. Bike owners in Europe even send their parts there for painting. Experts in BMW paints and finishes. Not cheap!

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