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How to re-key Vario sidecases?


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How do you extract the lock on the Vario cases for the R1200GS? The buyer referred to a tumbler kit being necessary, and the service department locally has left for the day. Does anyone know? Has anyone seen a write up specific to this case?


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Kurt, open the case lid and remove the three philips-head screws. The lock/latch assembly will lift out (be careful to keep the parts inside together). Once removed, it will be clear how to remove the lock.


Good luck!

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I also got a nice e-mail reply from a BMW technician who used to live locally. Maybe someone else can use this as well:

These are one of the easiest cases to get the lock out of. They are also easy to re-key.


Here's how ya do it.


1) Open the case

2) On the inside of the lid towards the top, you will see 3 screws. Remove the screws.

3) Once the screws are removed, lift off the panel that the screws held on. This is the latch mechanism.

4) You should be able to see the yellow tab that locks handle down. Remove the tab.

5) You should now see the end of the lock. There should be a shiny tab. This tab keeps the lock from coming out.

6) Insert the key into the lock and depress the tab.

7) With the tab depressed and the key inserted, pull on the key. The lock will come out.


If you have any spare tumblers about, you can re-key them yourself.


That too is also easy.


Here's how you do that.


1) The tumblers for these locks have numbers on them. Luckily, there are only 3 different tumblers. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS THE TUMBLER THE KEEPS THE LOCK IN THE CYLINDER. THERE IS ONLY ONE SO DON'T LOOSE IT! The tumblers will have a 1, 2, or 3 stamped in it.

2) There are a total 8 slots cut into the lock cylinder. The first slot is where you put the latching tumbler. Before you start putting springs and tumblers in, apply a small amount of grease to the cylinder. This will help keep the tumblers and springs in the cylinder and helps lubricate the lock.

3) Starting with the space that is farthest from where the key goes in, insert a spring in the round part of the slot and the special tumbler.

4) DO NOT INSERT A TUMBLER IN THE SLOT DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE LATCHING TUMBLER! Insert a spring and a tumbler in the remaining slots.

5) Insert the desired key into the lock. Notice how the tumblers react.

6) All tumblers should be flush with the cylinder. If they are not, change the tumbler till you get one that does. Don't be afraid to mix and match them.


That's about it. By the time it took me to write this, you could have re-keyed all the bags.

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