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HES Harness-Rebuild or Order New


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Hi all,


With the weather getting colder in Vegas, I've decided it's a good time to venture into uncharted waters, with a little help from a freind, on my 96RT with 63K. At 10 years, I figure it's about time for a tranny lube, a head gasket, and the HES harness, which has all the signs of impending doom far from home. If I order a new harness from BMW, the same fate may insue with insulation failure. If we rebuild, I'm not sure our knowledge and skills will be enough to pull this off. So, is there a place (not BMW) to order a beefed-up harness, and/or is there someone out there that rebuilds the harness for beer and sells them to the general public? In the past I have read of places to acquire the wiring, but can't find the info. Need help there also. The boards wisdom is always appreciated.



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Check with bmwmick, I believe that he might have rebuilt harnesses for sale. I don't think I'd replace with a BMW part as a first choice... expensive, plus you have no way of knowing whether the insulation has been upgraded or not.

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