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seating position on new K1200GT


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I am seriously considering the purchase of a new K1200GT but I have heard some rumblings about the seat not being comfortable. Can anyone give me their +/-'s on this subject?

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I had a K12GT for a day recently, as a loan bike while my R12RT was being serviced. Did about 300 miles smile.gif, purely for investigation, you understand smirk.gif


I found the seat to be OK, but didn't like the 'lean forward' riding position, compared to the RT. The seat itself was about the same as the (standard) seat on my RT.


Some folks hate the RT seat. I think it's acceptable wink.gif. In any case, don't let the seat put you off buying the bike. Ride the bike, try the seat. If you like the bike, buy it. If you don't like the seat, change it wink.gif.


Seriously, a seat's a minor thing, if you like the bike otherwise.


Hope this helps, good luck with your purchase thumbsup.gif

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I have an 07 KGT and had an 06 RT before that. I had the stock low seats on both bikes - I don't think the standard height seats are much different. The stock RT seat was the absolute worst motorcycle seat I have ever sat on; the stock KGT seat by comparison is far better - although still not what I want. On the KGT the low seat is better than the standard height seat because it is flatter and doesn't rise in the center. There is a slight forward lean and you do tend to slide forward into the tank BUT, if you are aware of that tendency, it is relatively easy to prevent and stay neutral. I am waiting for Corbin to finalize their heated seat and then I will switch - not because of the seat shape or slant but because of the cheap, cheesy foam that BMW uses in all their stock seats. The seat is easy to change or modify - don't let that influence your buying decision.

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I have an '07 GT and I came from an '03 RT. If you are talking just about the seat the stock GT seat is actually more comfortable than the stock RT seat. As far as the riding position, there is significant ability to adjust the bars to affect body lean. I use the top position and I don't find the riding position of the GT to be much different from that of the RT. More noticable although not bothersome to me is having my feet a little more under me on the GT.

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I'm 6'2" and had to lower my pegs (Verholen, highly recommended). After that, my seat (set to high position) became less troubling. I also learned that cotton jeans stay planted, as does leather, but ballistic cloth slides forward. Also, I have lowered my bars by 3 notches.


I am holding off judgement because of Corbin's silly pricing and dual-seat requirement. I'd like to get back another inch or so (by minimizing the rump bump of the pillion) but can't--so far--justify cost of after-market, not to mention the heating option.


Also, the rear-edge spring of mine has developed a "clunk" as it sinks. This may become a warranty issue, but as I say, I'm witholding judgement at 1400 miles.

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I have an '07 GT.... More noticable although not bothersome to me is having my feet a little more under me on the GT.

I did demo rides of about 3-4 hours each on a GT & RT in October. Biggest difference (in comfort) to me is the knee bend of the GT started to become bothersome after an hour. Lowered pegs might help, but I wonder how much they might restrict cornering clearance. I ended up putting $ down on a 12RT.

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