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After reading the Gerbings thread I though I would post my recent experience w/the good folks at Nolan. Got an N-102 in the fall of 2005 at the San Mateo bike show to replace my aging syncrotech and must say I have found it to be a wonderful helmet. I especially like the sun shade feature that you can adjust for that afternoon sun to keep the glare out of the eyes. Anyway my only complaint has been that the shade caused a slight scratch after a while on the shield....nothing major and mind you I have probably ridden 10 to 15K in the helmet since I purchased it.


Anyway to make a long story short I asked about buying as replacement shield at the Seattle show and they informed me that they would instead be replacing it under warranty!! They took my address and in fact sent me a new one which arrived today....that is standing behind your product!! Now if I could just get them to exchange it for the new bluetooth enabled version.....

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Nolan has sent me the seal that goes under the top edge of the shield twice, for two different helments. I used to tend to grab my N-100 with my thumb on the seal. I have since broken the habit, but not before I flat wore through the hollow cushy seal. I called them and they mailed me a new one with in days. My new N-102 had the seal in the same location installed poorly at the factory. I called them and zip, a new gasket was in the mail box. I have been very impressed with their customer service. No affilation and all the standard disclaimers. Just a happy customer.

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