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Euro Headlight On/Off switch for 2004 R1150RT?


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Newbie to forum, looking to buy a 2004 R1150RT for my 50th birthday, (in November, 07; no sense waiting for the last moment).


This will replace my 1984 R100RS Last Edition, which currently has 91k miles, AND the Euro headlight on/off switch. I can think for myself, and I know when to turn the light on, as well as when to turn it off. I try not to be too anal about it, but you know how it is....


Jeff Dean's website says the '03 and prior Euro headlight switch (in the right handlebar grip) will not work with the '04 model.


Any suggestions or part numbers to fit the 2004 model?







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On the '02 and '03s (North American models) RT the missing light switch ass'y was replaced by a rather simple jumper plug at the point where the non-North American switchable headlight version connected to the wiring harness. Thus to make the mod all one had to do was remove the jumper plug and plug in the new switch ass'y.


The '04 model went to always-on headlights worldwide and as a result that connector in the wiring harness was eliminated all together. Thus there is no longer any place to plug and play' the Euro switch.


The Euro switch will still mount on the bike, and a reasonably cleaver person could track down the appropriate wires within the bikes harness and splice it all in, but it's a bit of job. Depends upon how badly you want it I suppose.

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