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Anyone out there use Nolan N-Com yet?


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So far in my research I have found little info - particularly user reviews on any of the configurations for the system. Certainly that is due to how new the system is. I'd love to read about someone's experience with this new intercom - particularly the bluetooth capabilities.


Any users?

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I have heard the same response from two industry members who were at the Intermot show. By the admissions of Nolan's own people who were there, it works up to about 70kph (about 45-50mph). BUT! Having it on the market first gives them claiming/bragging rights to being the leader in wireless technology for motorcycles, if and when they develop a system that works at all speeds, and in stereo. If/when they do, I doubt it will be Bluetooth.


Wireless communication for motorcycles is coming. Autocom is working on it. Baehr is working on it. Starcom is working on it. Even Chatterbox is working on it. None of them are working on Bluetooth. It will be wireless, but the capabilities of Bluetooth and our needs as motorcyclists, are just too far apart.

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Thanks. I feel I kind of jumped the gun on buying the Nolan N-102 N-com, but it's not like I won't be able to use another system with the helmet ... eventually. tongue.gif

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Check out the new Dainese bluetooth helmets, which came on the martket before the Nolan N-Com.

They are Bluetooth compatible & they have a built in battery charger in the helmet.

They are expensive but outstanding helmets.


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