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powerlet plugs


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my 2000 1100 RT has 3 outlet recepticals. they require a special plug unique to bmw. how do you deal with this?

1. buy everything from bmw

2. try to use the hella plugs

3. change the outlets over to a standard cigarette lighter plug.


thanks in advance for any ideas.

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The plugs aren't unique to BMW. Plugs sold by Hella, Powerlet, John Deere, Gerbings, etc. work fine. For accessories used only on the bike, just get a plug. If you want to use an accessory on both the bike and the cage, you can get a short adapter cable to go to a cigarette socket. Also, there are plugs which convert to work in either the BMW socket or a cigar lighter socket.


Be wary of cell phone, GPS, etc. chargers. Many of those chargers contain the voltage regulation in the plug so you probably want to use an adapter cable with them rather than cutting the plug off.


My heated jacket has a plug to fit the BMW socket, my tankbag has an adapter cable with a cigarette lighter socket for cell phone charger, the rest of my accessories are hardwired to an accessory fuse block.

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No worries H.J.45. I have to give credit where credit is due. I got the link from TonyK who is on his way to Death Valley in 4 hours. ARGH! If you need the socket that mounts onto your bike John Deere sells it/uses it on their tractors (part # AL25073 cost is approx. $20).

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