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Warm startup rattle- R1100


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Might as well reveal the extent of my newness to the Boxer engine...as well as the depth of my ignorance confused.gif


I tried doing a search here and got nothing so here goes: I have a new to me 1996 R1100 RT with about 43,000 mi. on the clock. After the engine has warmed up, there is a rattle...almost sounds like a knock, coming from the engine when it is restarted. Makes no noises on a cold start...but pretty much every time it is started with a warm engine. This noise only lasts a second or two then goes away. Bike seems to run fine & I am loving it, but don't know if this is something they all do or if I need to look at something. Thanks in advance!



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I recently bought a 2003 1150RT with 35k miles, it made the same noise you described. A new cam chain tensioner for left head and noise gone. These guys on this discussion board helped me out by directing me to the a web site with the procedure and even part numbers to order for the new tensioner. Simple fix just takes time to step through it.



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Those are the right answers, but what they neglect to mention is that there is no cause for alarm and no harm will come to your engine if you do nothing. That is a "normal" sound as you describe it. thumbsup.gif

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Thanks to all for the info...and reassurance.


One of the best things about these bikes is the absolutely vast amount of info and "wisdom" available online. So many experienced wrenches who are willing to share. I for one certainly appreciate it.


Thanks again......John

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Ditto, TADT no worries...

Just don't ask about syn oil or tires grin.gif

or crush washers tongue.gif

Changing valve stems is getting pretty poplular though grin.gif


Ain't that the truth...the crush washer and valve stem threads both surprised me with the amount of responses they got.


Been lurking long enough to know better than to start another oil war dopeslap.gif If I feel the need to fight I'll just go to Jo Mamma and join one that is already in progress cool.gif

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BTW, not sure what "warm up" routine you are following, but you do know that letting a boxer sit idling is a big no-no, right?

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I had gathered that...unless it is pretty cold, I usually just start it and ride off. In cold weather I sometimes let it idle for a minute or two. Not a good idea?

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If it is really cold, use the cold start lever to keep the idle up (so it won't stall at the first stop sign) for the first couple of minutes of riding. Otherwise, crank the engine and immediately ride off. I don't sit for longer than a few seconds, and have never had the bike stall. FI engines don't need warming up.

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Not a good idea?
Not a good idea.


The issue is exhaust temperature. Especially on the RT. Heat build up around the down pipes when there is no forward movement can quickly play havoc on the plastic, electronics in the area, and more.


As mentioned, ride off immediately on fast idle ("choke") then bump it off as the idle speed rises. Probably by the time you reach the first stop sign/light.

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since idling is bad, what do you do in congested traffic?

Good question. I think the real problem comes from people leaving the fast idle switch on while leaving the bike unattended. If I'm in traffic, I watch the oil temp. I've only seen it get to 8 bars once (in 180K oilhead miles). I turned the bike off and let it sit for a few minutes.

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