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We're HEEEEERE! - Laney & Kathy's Adventure

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Well, as we speak the two girls are probably through a six-pack at the pool, resting from quite a bit of riding. I got a late start from Nashville Friday, it rained, I had to keep stopping to fiddle with my new shock adjustments, and I forgot my clear face shield. Other than THAT, it was a good trip over to NE Georgia. Anyway, I stopped about 50 miles from TWO (Two Wheels Only) in Suches GA, where they were spending the night, and met them up there at 8a.


We had a nice breakfast. I hadn't visited there before. BTW, the roads to and from that place are kick butt. I was by myself on the way up and the groove was there. Nice morning ride. Anyway, there were probably 20 other bikers there, and we sat next to a fellow RTer and his son out for the weekend.


Headed back roads to Highlands, NC, and really enjoyed ourselves. This part of the country has some spectacular riding. Heading NW on 64 out of Highlands I knew I wanted to stop a few places with Kathy and Laney.


Insert: traveling with women is a very different thing. First, no one pays attention to me when we stop. They just want to talk to them, especially after they hear how far they drove. Second, there's all that extra time fiddling with hair and lips and such. Geez. Third, the smell of clutch...oops. I promised I wouldn't mention that.


Back to the tale. Our first stop was the Bridal Veil Falls. I didn't tell them about it, but just headed off the road and rode under the water. Pretty cool. Here's a of the three of us standing under where you can drive, and then there's a more artistic shot looking up at the falls.






From there we saddled up and rode another few miles and stopped at some rapids, just downstream from where "Deliverance" was filmed. Creepy movie, if you've seen it. Between the three of us we had more teeth than about 4-5 families in these parts.




Then up to Franklin and an incredibly beautiful "skirting" of the southern end of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along 28. We slid into Deal's Gap the back way. We were a bit late getting there (around 1:30p), so the wheelies and stoppies were scarce, though the sandwiches were good! We introduced ourselves to a few more riders and I chatted with a guy whose rear bearing went out.


From there it was decision time. I could tell that my two "charges" were getting tired. The weather was great, but the rodes are challenging. So I said: "I think we ought to choose Deal's Gap or Cherohala Parkway," and then I urged them toward the Cherohala. It's a shame to have to choose, but the Cherohala is for sure my preference. Plus, I knew what Dick would have urged them, and I knew word would get back to him through Laney!


So...saddled up again, and headed down next to that dam where Harrison Ford (or his stunt double) jumped off in that great scene from The Fugitive. We stopped a few times because I couldn't resist talking about riding, and they humored me by acting interested. Incidentally, if you get a chance to ride with them individually, ride with Kathy in the morning and Laney in the afternoon! They are both good riders, by the way, and they understand riding, so it's fun to talk and then practice and then talk. Here was one stop on Mt. Obadiah.




I honestly can never get enough of these roads. The bike WANTS to run them well. If you are fighting the bike, you aren't doing something right. Use your body appropriately and the RT is like a racehorse with lots of energy.


Our next stop was the "Chad Corner," with bike parts still on the side of the rode. And then we stopped for fuel/water in Tellico Springs, and then headed across 39/30 to pick up I-75. But first, it was time to expose them to Waffle House. We had a nice dinner (using that term losely), and they went to a hotel...and I headed south for 150 miles so I can make it to Florida tomorrow.


Oh, one last thing. Sock Monkey is turning nasty. Here's a picture of him (her?) bending Laney's Burton Briggs bracket.




He also took out one of the four screws in her windshield mount, but I had an extra. This monkey is no good. And Laney knows it.


Good riding, good companionship. I don't think they'll forget GA/TN/NC.

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We can't believe how much fun today was. It was worth the energy and effort it took to go the 2400 miles in four days to make it here for the tour that David took us on today.


And he was always so patient while we got our hair just right... tongue.gif


Thanks David - for taking us on a ride that was fun and incredibly beautiful. And for putting up with all the giggles. And that Monkey. We're both grateful you took the time to meet up with us and show us the area.


You know, when we woke up at the campground this morning, I could here the local cows - Georgia cows, not from Texas. They were saying the same thing the Texas cows said: Mooooon-ky Mooooon-ky


I'm a little worried...


( Hi everybody...PB here...First David sent me on one incredible road after another and then Laney pumped me full of beers. Hic crazy.gif Nighty Night smile.gif )

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giggle girls,


California girl rides cross country to meet Chicago girl in Georgia. 1000 curves in one day, doesn't get much better.


EXCELLENT adventure, keep up the good work.


gonna have to send SM to bed without supper ,he's getting out of control.


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OK, ladies, I made it to Orlando. Where did you go today? BRP? Ocean? Still in the pool?

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