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R1100RT Transmission compatibility (M97)


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What transmissions are compatible for a 2001 R1100RT? I understand that the later models have the "M97" version. I've heard that the police versions (P) have a lower geared transmission, but I don't see a P/N reference. The GS version transmission is supposed to be identical to the RT.


A&S on-line parts catalog has the P/N for a remanufactured transmission as 23002325621. The R1100 GS, RT, and R transmissions all reference 23002325621 (black) or 23002325620 (silver). The only difference appears to be the case color.



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I don't believe that there are any differences in internal gearing in any of the 1100 series M97 transmissions. If the P-bikes do have different gearing it is probably in the final drive. Also, as far as my prior research indicates the transmissions for all R1100 models are externally identical too, the only difference being color.

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