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Anyone have a Givi 46V box on a R1200RT??


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I am looking for feed back and pictures for anyone who has a Givi 46V Top Box on a R1200RT. Do you ride two up , do you have a passenger backrest on the Givi, how does the passenger like it ?? Is the mounting plate looking a little different on the bike ?

thanks, Mike

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I just sold my V46 case to get the larger E52 Maxia. I think the V46 looked great on my 05 RT. If you will send me your email address I will send you pics with the V46 and E52 on my bike. I do ride two up and the case has the backrest on it. Can't really give you feedback on passenger comfort. My wife did not like it because she said it pushed her forward but since then I have had her seat redone and she has not been on the bike yet.

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I have one. Here are some pics.






This one is a little far away but it still gives you an idea of what the bike looks like with the V46.




Here is one of the mounting plate



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