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Throttlemeister question


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I'm looking for some Christmas gift ideas to give to the wife. I was considering the Throttlemeister CC.


I found 2 styles...






The 2nd unit says "Heavy Unit" (even though ship weight is the same). Is there any difference in the two?


I found another unit here http://tinyurl.com/saama


Which doesn't mention a heavy or non heavy model.




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The heavier ones look great and work absolutely perfectly on the RT thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


Thanks - I always have the mindset more bigger, more better grin.gif

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I use the HEAVY unit. I don't use it much, but when I need it......I love having it. Also, it has cut down the handle bar vibrations quite a bit. I did about 2k miles without, and 10+k miles with. I used to fill my old crotch rocket handle bars with either BBs or sand to kill the vibrations....the Throttlemeister covers the problem just fine

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I was thinking they would help with fatigue from 'fighting' the throttle return spring on long trips.


I'm assuming you can adjust the TM so it will lighten some of the return force

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I've used the Throttlemeister on my previous two bikes. The only reason I haven't tried to put a set on the current bike is because it already has cruise.


I've always used the heavy model, as the extra weight just helped take more of the buzz out of the bars. You can vary the amount of friction provided by the TM on the throttle, or lock it completely.


Even once I added the cruise to my last bike, I kept the TM installed for times where using the cruise isn't appropriate because of traffic conditions, but still wanting to rest the hand a little.

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