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A few pix of Palm Desert


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Last Tuesday I ditched my life and took a nice long ride out to Palm Desert.


It was my good fortune to meet up and go riding a bit with Glen Heggstad of "Two Wheesl Through Terror" fame. What a nice guy.







See I can prove it grin.giflmao.gif


It's fun riding through the desert out there...impossible to sense the scale of these pix...but the windmills are absolutely ENORMOUS...








Here's a pic of the Morongo Indian Casino just as it begins to light up...very impressive.




That's it for this little bagatelle of a post...enjoy.


bmweerman....out.... 107737316-M.jpg

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I have a signed copy given to me by the man himself as well as a manuscript copy of his new one...AMAZING stuff!


Have you read it?

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