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Had that slipping feeling


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I noticed the other day when I went to take off fairly quick to join traffic, that the bike didn't seem to be keeping up with the engine's RPM's. ( sound wise )

1998 R1100RT 38,000 miles.

What can I check? What could I be facing?

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clutch time or oil onto the clutch. Usually when a clutch starts to slip its in the higher gears. But in any event, i would just look around that area, to see if you see any "shiny surfaces" that would indicate a leak of some kind. other than that, not sure what i can tell you.

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Easiest way to get a slipping clutch to show up is in highest gear at a moderate to moderately-slow speed, say 60 MPH, suddenly wack the throttle wide open. If the RPMs dramatically rise, well, there you have it.


If it is indeed slipping, on the R1100xx the first thing to look at is the cable adjustment. If it is within spec. (both at top and bottom) and it still slips, it will have to come apart for a clutch inspection / replacement.

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