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Garmin 276C, weird routing with v4.1 and later versions


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Hi everybody,


I recently posted a similar question


and checked out on the adresses given ... however hadn't any success.


So I'd like to rephrase my question and back it with this little graphics example:


My Garmin 276C (purchased in 01/05, City Select 7 Europe) was working just fine with v3.7 (and it does again! after flashing back).


When I switched to v4.1 (and all later versions up to v4.5) a lot (if not most!) of the routing went havock, like this one (highways off, fastest route):


No way to have it do a decent routing ... so after a few days of trial and error on each v4.+ I went back to v3.7 which works just fine ...


... now my question:

In my previous thread here there was a suggestion, that it might have to do with the European road system, at least how it's being categorized by Garmin maps.

That, however, would imply, that in the North American areas there shouldn't be a whole lot of users having the same problem, if at all!


Can pls anyone respond who is having a similar problem so we could discuss the settings/preferences in order to find out, what's going on here?


thanks a lot for all your help!


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I guess I'm a little confused. Could you be explain what it is about the route you think is wrong.


What I get from your message is that the 276C was told not to use any highways. So it calculated the shortest route that didn't use highways which wanders all over the map. Isn't that what you would expect?



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Perhaps avoiding highways is too absolute. Have you tried leaving that box unchecked but setting up Custom Road Prefs (lower right corner of the same page)?



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My normal setup for the 276C in the USA is:


Route Preference - Custom

Ask my Preference - Yes

Calculation Method - Best Route

Calc Routes for - Car/Motorcycle

Avoid - U-Turns, Toll Roads, Unpaved Roads, Ferries

Custom Avoids - none

Custom Road Prefs - All centered.


After calculating a route I then examine it. If it didn't take a road I wanted to be on I simply add a via on that road and recalculate. Occasionally I select a piece of road and use the custom Avoid to prevent it from going there.


I hope this helps a little.



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I guess I'm a little confused. Could you be explain what it is about the route you think is wrong.






Sorry Stan,


I should have added, that there are litterally hundreds(!) of other - mostly smaller - roads available to get a decent rather straight route, which I'd expect the route to have taken, if I do "avoid highways". Perhaps a zoomed in picture would have helped ... but I didn't take one at the time I was still at 4.1 ...


thanks for your quick repsonse!


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