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Navigating the cd-rom manual: R1200RT -'05


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I agree, the CD manual is just aweful. It's a non-intuitive user interface that is practically imposible to get decent printouts from (no I don't have a PC in my garage). I don't have any real tips for you other than to make sure you run a high enough screen resolution when viewing the manual. If you run a lower resolution it will be difficult to fit the pages onto your monitor screen.


As for other sources, I contacted Haynes several months ago to see when they'd be putting out an RT manual for the 05/06 models. They indicated that mid 2007 was probably the soonest they'd have something.

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Thank you for your quick reply. My problem, however, is that I can't locate particular info. For instance, where do I find, "How to remove cowling to easily replace left low-beam headlight."?



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You need to go to >Lights>Headlights and then click on the repair manual.


I'd skip the disassembly and reach up from the front of the bike to change the bulb.

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