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Finding 'Sir' Erick..................


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Many of you may still remember 'Sir Erick'..... he used to be a regular on this board, and it was through this board that I actually met my first fellow BMW rider.... Erick and his wife Ursula only lived some 20 km 's from here...


Like me he was made redundant after many many years of loyal service (yes, these things still bug me!) and left without work. Being 50-ish there is no hope in hell to find a good job anymore around these parts....


I started my own fledgeling company, Erick tried to find a new job. And in spite of the fact we live in a 'welfare state' here, that didn't pan out and some other things really annoyed them too.. so they decided to emigrate to Germany (where Ursula is from).


They found a new house and home just across the border with The Netherlands, and I decided to look them up on my way back from Paderborn, where I attended a Flightsim Event.


In spite of the splitting headache that day (which accounts for the VERY low number of photos taken, apologies), I managed to find their little village and even snap one or two pictures along the way.


Erick says 'hi everybody', he still rides his 1100RT and we had a wonderful few hours chatting.... while enjoying an even more wonderful lunch they prepared for the wary traveller.


Around 10 a.m. Sunday morning.. sun is shining, 48 F, great riding weather.... the RT is ready for it.




In spite of my head, I just HAD to get out the camera and snap one or two pictures..... this is just outside Paderborn, heading north.... wonderful country roads before hitting the Autobahn




Autobahn rest areas are totally deserted this time of year, and so far north... eerie !! But wonerfully quiet ! smile.gif




Those were all I managed to make before arriving in Osterwald. Erick and Ursula not only found a beautiful house to live in, with plenty of terrain around, they also started a Bed & Breadkast and have room for 4 people !




Here's the front of their new home..... really very nice...




Ah.. and before I leave you....



I want to make you aware of a novel new way of getting rid of moles.....



Should you be caretaker of a golf course or anything similar....





















here is how Erick solved it !!!!





Cheers for now,


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Thanks Francois!


I hope Erick pops up back here sometime. Erick, just in case you're reading, I wish you and Ursula great success with your Bett und Bike!

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François, I hope that you encouraged Sir Erick to (re) join us here smile.gif




As a mater of fact a sledge hammer happens to be one of my favorite tools in my battle with gophers.

I invert it & use it to collapse their infrastructure(tunnels).


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