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Service manual?


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2006 R1200RT.

I know that the service manual is on DVD. Has anyone found a source of a cheap (as in free) copy yet?

Has anyone compared a Ducati oil filter to the BMW filter?

Oil change: Just the drain plug and washer or is there also some type of screen to clean also?

I guess you can see that I also own a Ducati (couple actually)!!



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"cheap (as in free)" would be a violation of the copyright laws. Buy the manual, so BMW will still make them for all of us.


Oil change without a filter change? Then yes, only the plug and washer are involved. No screen anywhere.


Ducati vs. BMW filter? Well they both filter oil. dopeslap.gif But what's the question? Are they interchangeable? I suspect not.

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I have the dvd service manual. So far, it's useless, as I don't know how to "navigate" and find specifics. (see my "post" asking for help). I thought someone mentioned Chilton's eventually coming out with an easier-to-use paperback.

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Motobins in a good source for the Repair CD rom disc for the hexhead RT and GS. I believe the cost is about $75 US. I have heard about a manual coming out but it will be in the spring or summer of '07.

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