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Passenger comfort with a TT Sport Seat or a Renazco Seat?


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As purchased, my 96 GS (new to me a few months ago) came with a Corbin and OEM drivers seats but no passenger seat. The Corbin rear, new, is over $300 or about as much as the TT Sport Seat. Can anyone comment on passenger comfort and seating position on a single bench type seat, regardless of brand?


Any advantages, other than cost, of TT, Wunderlich or Renazco?

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If you've followed Donna and I at all over the last few years, you know we should probably write a book on pillion seat comfort! Between the RT and the GS we've had, I kid you not, seven different +/- $500 pillion seats!


Including the TT pillion seat. Although not the one-piece. So here's my (actually Donna's) .02...


Don't go with a one-piece. No matter how you adjust it, one of you (likely your pillion) will not be happy.


Get separate ones so each can be tweaked to the sitters own liking.


We found the TT seats to be for the most part identical to stock. Maybe a marginal improvement, but certainly not enough to justify the $$.


Sliding forward is an even bigger problem for the pillion than for the rider. Get a seat that is (or can be made to) tilt rearward.


Get heated! It's a wonderful thing.


eBay is a wonderful thing too! Use it when she isn't happy with the latest choice! bncry.giftongue.gifgrin.gif

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