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starter over run


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Hi BMW fans my 04 RT starter is acting up it will run about ½ a second to long. The starter seems to run just a bit after I let of the starter button and the motor is running. There is no grinding so I am assuming the starter is disengaging. Is anybody familiar with this problem? The bike will do this about 80% of the time. I plan to keep riding for a couple of weeks until the dealer can look at the bike. Am I running any risk to do this or should I stop riding until the bike is repaired. My warranty is good through November so I am hesitant to start a repair myself.

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Probably no harm being done - my old /5 does the same thing occasionally. Since the bike is under warranty and you have described the problem to the dealer, I'd keep on riding until you take it in.

Peter '73 R75/5, '04 R1150RA

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