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Powering up accessories on my 2005 R12RT


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I would appreciate opinions as to preferred methods of powering my XM radio, GPS, Autocom, etc. I can use the power ports, direct wire to the bike, or ? I prefer a system that will power off with the key and look nice and clean. Thanks.

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Touratech sells a CANbus bypass, relay-triggered battery-direct buss to which you can connect up to five accessories. It runs about $45-$50. Give them a call.

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It's called a TPS-15, and if all you are doing is small stuff like a GPS, etc. it is great. I think it is good up to 15A. If you get into larger stuff like heated this or that or lots of lights, you can then use an output from the TPS-15 to trigger a larger relay powering a aux. fuse panel or similar approach.


Here's a diagram of the aux. wiring of our R1200GS:



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If you will be powering up high current accessories such as driving lights and heated vests/gloves, install an auxilliary fuse block. Different model, but you get the idea.


And if you are wiring it directly to the battery as you should, CANbus doesn't even come into play.

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