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Installing Heat in the Sargent Seat


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Would like to upgrade my Sargent so it provides heat when needed. According to the folks at Sargent the parts are back ordered and the current wait (if you want them to do the conversion) is months. Anyone done this as a DIY project?

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I definitely think it is worth a try at a cost of $60. I just picked up my newly remodeled seat today which is heated. My seat guy had no problem working around the stock BMW heated seat pad. You would not believe how simple it is when the vinyl cover is removed. The heated portion is basically 1/4" foam with wires running through it just like a heated blanket. It is recessed into the foam and is only glued around the edges of this pad. Then there is another 1/4" foam covering the whole seat and then the vinyl is applied. The mods I had done were simple. Remove some foam from the front seat and add foam to the rear seat. The top stitching was very professionally done and the seat looks great. The cost to do this job was less than $100. Sargeant wanted $800 for both heated seats. If this bike did not have heated seats I would be all over the $60 opportunity you found. My wife and I love the heated seats on this bike.

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That is one hell of a deal if it is done right. I'm sure its at least worth a phone call or an email to check it out.


My Sargent seat is torn on both sides (right along the seams, by my inner thighs). I was thinking about tracking down some heating elements and taking them to a local upolstery shop to have them installed and the seats recovered.

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Another alternative is the "saddle heat" pad from Travelcade/Saddlemen; www.saddlemen.com.


It can be permanently installed under the liner of the seat, or they also sell a kit to put it on top of the seat. The website says call for price but when I was shopping for one (before I found a used heated seat on eBay for my LT), I think it was about $80.

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