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R1200RT auxilliary mirror mount


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I've had my '06 rt since april, and with over 15,000 miles, i've washed it quite a few times. But with the wash today, i noticed for the first time that there are holes in the body of the grips between the grip and the fluid resevoirs. These holes looked exactly like the ones on my 2000 R1200C. I remembered a thread a while back about people wanting to install extra, or different mirrors if they had people or gear on the back of the bike, so i took a mirror off of my C, and they fit like they were made for it. There is a sleeve that fits down in the hole, and with the mirror and the nut to hold it, they fit fine and are higher, and further out, allowing one to see over or around people or gear. Of course, the chrome look of the mirror is strange on the RT, but i think i may try this the next time i am packed up for a camping trip. curry

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