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Aerostich gloves


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I've just visited the Aerostich web site...they have lots of, what looks like, very nice gloves....

anyone who've tried those?

I was looking for maybe the Elkskin Gauntlet #464



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skinny_tom (aka boney)

They're good gloves. I found mine comfortable, but the black dye never stopped bleeding onto my hands... even after repeated washings. Get the natural colored ones if you're going to buy them.

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I have the Elkskin "Ropers," so can't speak specifically to the gauntlets. Nevertheless, I love mine, and use them for everything from riding to splitting wood. Love the feel -- great in moderate temps and even a light rain (wish I had the gauntlets). As previously posted, I have found every black glove to fade onto my hands when they get wet...

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I have the regular elkskin ropers which are great in spring and fall, they're pretty warm. Winter is time for the Gerbers - toasty digits!!


I noticed that the guantlets you mention have additional padding on the palms, but personally find that the elkskin ropers are thick enough and don't really need it.


Regular length are good in rain showers but for prolonged wet rides would rather add the 3 digit rain covers which have the gauntlet coverage.


I also prefer not to have guantlets on my gloves as I can use them in more varied weather and either they don't fit under my jacket sleeves or if I wear them outside they act as a funnel for the rain coming off the jacket.


These are my second pair, I had the black version and was sick and tired of the black/purple die leaching onto my skin, so now have the natural color. They're still in excellent shape after 4 years, can't beat Aerostitch quality!


However, with Aerostitch's great customer service, they'll always refund your money if you're not happy grin.gif

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I bought a pair of elk skin gauntlet gloves from www.sullivanglove.com. They come in lined and unlined versions. I first saw this company's products at the annual bike show in Chicago a few years back and then again at the national in Lima OH last year. I loved these gloves so much that I bought a pair of regular elk skin (non-gaunlet) for street wear. No affiliation.

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I actually have the deerskin insulated guantlet. Can't speak highly enough of them. Mine are natural color so no bleed. I've ridden with them down to 35 deg. no problem. Great tactile feel, very comfortable. I ended up giving my bulky winter gloves to my HD riding friend.

Next for me is a pair of the Roper's.

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I've got the Elkskin Ropers and the Elkskin Gauntlet gloves from Aerostich. I don't use the latter very often, except when it gets a little cool, but both are extremely comfortable.


I've got a little bit of an addiction and have at least a half-dozen pairs of riding gloves. The Elkskin Ropers are my favorites. They are extremely comfortable, to the point that you don't even notice that you are wearing gloves. The Elkskin is very soft, stays pliable even after being soaked a few times, and is very durable. I haven't "tested" them in a spill, but I imagine they'd do pretty well (understanding, of course, that they're not padded). Also, as others have mentioned, they're comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. Great gloves at a very good price. thumbsup.gif

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I've been riding with the elkskin ropers for a few years, and they are a quality product. As has been mentioned, the black ones will discolor your hands if they get wet, so I keep the triple digits handy. thumbsup.gif



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I am also a victim of Excessive Glove Acquisition Syndrome. I have at least a dozen pairs that live in my bags and get at least some use.


That does include a pair of the 'natural' Aerostich ropers (no gauntlet). I like them very well for moderate-temperature dry-weather riding.

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I have the Elkskin Ropers, as most have said, I find them to be my most comfy pair. I wear them year round. I have the blak and if they are going to get wet I wear a pair of nitrile surgical gloves under them (no black hands)

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