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Valve tightness, whats up with that!


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I did a valve adj/TB synch on my new to me 99' RT and found all intake and exhaust valves to be tight. This is a new one for me. I've done countless valve adj. over the years between the GS and S-bikes I have owned and have only encountered loose valves. The previous owner was a competent wrench from all indications and I would be surprised if he had mucked up the previous valve adj. Is this unusual or am I making something out of nothing

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ninermatt, it's possible they were done incorrectly or at the wrong engine temperature the last time they were done.. OR, there is a slight difference between yours & the last owners feeler gauges..


Assuming they were done correctly on the last adjustment it sounds like you have a little valve recession going on there..


Valves get loose with more mileage & operation time if there is wear on the rocker arms, push rods, cam, valve stem tips, etc.. (that usually happens on a new engine until the valve parts are worn in)..


After all is worn in then the valves can get tighter with more miles due to valve recession (sinking) into their seats (usually exhaust valves first as the run hotter).. On my personal engines they usually get tighter as the miles pile on as I ride a lot of long hard miles at quite high speeds..



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It's my guess that one of two things happened.


1. The previous owner goofed up.


2. He used an old hot-rodder trick. Tighter valve = more torque on the top end. Looser valves = more torque on the bottom end.


I adjust my valve about .005" looser and seem to feel more grunt down low.

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