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adapt r1100rt post oil-cooler ducting to r1150rt


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Does any one know if the oil cooler ducting from a r1100rt will fit a r1150rt. The heat off that oil cooler in the hot weather is killin' me! The housing that fits on the cooler and fan motor are the same part #'s, but just wonder if the rest of the plumbing will fit around the newer fairing and headlight of the r1150rt.I have a '04r1150rt. Thanks, Dave

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Save yourself the effort. It didn't work very well on the r11rt, which I can only assume that why THEY didn't continue it.


I gotta take exception to this one. I will agree that while the "hand warmer" part of the 1100's duct work is lame and worthless, the option to duct the heat out through the vents below the mirrors and away from the rider is very effective in my opinion. Actually I'm baffled as to why they didn't leave that lower part of the ductwork in place on the 1150 and just ditch the upper "handwarmer" section.


On my bike, I've cut off the upper sections of the ductwork(above the flapper) to make room for various and sundry farkles buried in the fairing.


OP: can't help you on your original question, but I doubt it would fit given the bigger headlight and different dash layout. Cut off the top sections as described above, though, and you might be able to make it work. (?)


BTW, OP, where are you? I know a guy that has an extra set of duct work that a guy could probably borrow to eyeball it...

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I'm in memphis tn and i've got a friend with an r1100rt, I might just give his a close look. When I rode his trying to decide between an rt or gs I didn't notice the heat coming from the "triple tree" area. The hand "suspect" warmer option is not important to me (heated grips) But the diversion of heat to the side vents is. If the side vents are not used for that function then what are they good for on this bike?, cause I tell you a good portion of that air/heat comes right up at you. Could be a hold over in design to keep from having to scrap the whole fairing mold and start from scratch just for the bigger headlight. To answer about the fan, I'm not sure if my friends r1100rt has the fan, but it has the housing and ducting. The fan itself maybe optional for lots of idling and stop and go riding like the rtp. Thanks for all the advice given and hopefully more on the subject from someone who has tried or seen this kind of mod on a r1150rt before. Dave

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