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Is it possible to swap head lights


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I can't answer your question for sure, but I do have some observations, being the owner of an '02 1150RT.

First, the 1150's have fog lights integrated into the HL assembly, & they would have to be wired & switched.

Second, it would depend on whether or not the fairing mounts & all the various electrical connections are the same.

Sorry I can't be of real help, but I'm sure someone will elaborate further.

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im not too sure if you can, i did go down that route for a while and looked atthe possibilty of doing this. im still working on it. i will let you know if i find anything out.i did looked at the possibilty of cutting out the sides of the headlight panel in the fairing as well to fit the headlight off a 1150rt. havnt done so yet.

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Anything is do'able, but some of what you'd be up against - Different wiring harness, different sub-frame, different upper and lower dash, different windscreen trim ass'y. Different front tupperware of course.

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