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Can I do my own oil change?


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My R12RT, is ready for the oil change. I see no mention of how to in the manual?

I under stand I need the BMW filter and tool, but where is the oil plug? AND is it that easy?



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I'll tell you that the GS is a piece of cake. The oil plug is on the bottom of the engine on the GS. Probably the same for the RT. You prolly have more tupperware to remove, though.

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Oil changes on the RT are simple. No tupperware in the way. Everything's easily accessible. The plug is in the same general vicinity as the filter. Make sure it's warm so everything drains out easily.


You will need a filter tool. Aftermarket versions are the most economical. Also, be sure to get a new crush washer for the plug. Most folks that try to use the old washer wind up with a leak.


Wet the oil filter sealing ring with motor oil before mounting. Torque to 8 ft-lbs (11 Nm). Some folks on this forum have a tightening technique that doesn't require a torque wrench, but I don't remember what it is.


There's a two-stage torque callout for the plug, not complicated, but DON'T back off the plug between the initial and final torque (someone asked about that sometime back). Initial torque is 17 ft-lbs (23 Nm). Final torque is 24 ft-lbs (32 Nm).


Have fun! wave.gif

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I would also recommend almost filling the new oil filter before screwing it in place. This reduces oil starvation at startup that would otherwise occur while the filter is filled up by the oil pump.


It is an easy chore.



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