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Retired At LAst

I wore out the rear tire (Metzler) and ordered a new Michelin on line. When I brought it to my dealer (a non BMW guy) he refused to mount it saying that it was unsafe to mix & match manufactures.

Both tires were identical in size and rating.


Is it unwise to have a Metzler on the front and a Michelin on the rear?


I think he was giving me a hard time.


Any thoughts???



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I don't think any 'official' source would condone mixing manufacturers front and rear.


Having said that, I don't think anyone has had real-world problems with sensible mixes. Personally, I'd keep to similar spec. tyres -- nothing radical, like a very sticky sport at one end and a high-mileage tourer at the other.


Ultimately your risk, of course.

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I have a 50% Metzler Z6 on the rear and a well worn Dunlop D205 in the front. Gone more than 7,000 mi on the combo with no problems.

Of course my dealer said nothing about mixing brands since I only bring the wheel in during a tire change.

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If it's dangerous or against the laws of physics I have been violating the laws of nature for over 30 years now..


As long as you aren’t mixing bias ply & radial tires & both tires are identical in size and rating there shouldn't be any problems..


In fact some of my better handling bikes have had mixed & matched tires on them.. I have even mixed radial & bias tires & had it work out but that becomes iffy if luck isn’t on your side as you never know how it will handle until you ride it..



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Dunlop D220 on the front, Metzeler ME880 on the rear. This is what I use all the time. The Dunlop doesn't cup like the Metzeler or Michelin fronts do. The ME880 is a long lasting rear tire.


Never had a dealer question me on this. It's not an unusual practice to mix similar performance tires.

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