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Anyone wear extra armor above and beyond what's in your jacket/pants? I've been wearing Icon armor (leg and back protectors), and just ordered the entire head to toe TPro armor from Johnson Leathers in S.F. It turns out Icon has no test data available, and TPro exceeds the CE standards. Any thoughts? Also, has anyone heard of or used the Leatt neck brace?


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Good gear is good gear. But me thinks that eventually there is a trade off between wearing too much gear and the ability to ride well and be comfortable. I suppose if safety is that much of a concern then riding motorcycles should be reconsidered. tongue.gif

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I've doubled the stock armor in my JR Ballistics jacket and pants. It's hardly noticeable and doesn't affect comfort.


I don a slim Bohn under-armor shirt. My Sidi boots are CE approved/tested/whatever.


On my Alter Ego JR pants, I have fitted my Aerostich hip armor pads (for when I'm not using my Aerostich). Basically, they just velcro right in.


I have a pretty hard core horse-riding vest that is admittedly overkill. I sometime use it over my summer Vanson or under my Aerostich.



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I certainly understand there is a balance between being able to ride well, comfort and safety. I just figure that I might as well wear as much protective gear as possible while still meeting those criteria of comfort and body ergonomics. I don't want to someday be in a hospital bed going, "I could have prevented getting hurt as much if I had just worn that leg armor, but it was a little hot, so I didn't." I would rather be a little hot on the bike than hot in a hospital room.

Also, I don't quite understand the difference between "track days" and street riding as far as injuries. Motorcyclists get killed doing 20 mph or 100 mph. And on the track you don't have to interact with moving cages with stupid people in them, trees, curbs, etc. It would seem to be to be just as important if not more so to wear protective gear on the street. That being said, I have never ridden on a track. (The 1100RT-P probably isn't the best bike for that) grin.gif

I don't think I've yet gone over the deep end regarding safety. If I do, I'll hang up my helmet!

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Of course personal riding safety and comfort is an individual decision. I am an ATGATT guy myself, but I don't double up as it sounds you do. Your choice, my choice. Ride long, ride safely. Years ago, I sold my bike when I realized that my healthy respect/and slight fear (maybe apprehension is a better word) was almost nil. Quit riding for about 6 months. My wife knew I missed riding and told me I better get another bike. Gotta ride like everyone is out to get us, every ride. We don't have much chance unless we at least wear good protective gear, and a helmet of course.

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Well, I received the TPro gear - armored shirt, pants and back protector. This stuff is amazing. CE protection everywhere, but it is light and comfortable. No resctriction of movement. Pants just slip on, shirt zips up, back protector has shoulder straps and a velcro belt for the waist. I took the armor out of my outer jacket and pants because it's in the TPro clothing. Rode in 80 degree weather and it is very comfortable - not too hot. If anyone is looking for quality, comfort protection, I highly recommend it. thumbsup.gif

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