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question on radio for a 2002 RT


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i'm contemplating buying a radio for the RT (non-factory). Can virtually any radio for an automobile fit into the glove box of the RT? i was just going to wire it into my autocom and forget the speakers on the fairing (i removed one as i installed a xenon light and put the ballast in one of the speaker holes LOL). The only thing is the radio switch that i dont have...can you get this from BMW? any idea on cost?



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To start off, not every radio out on the market will fit in the radio box...because different units have different depths and dimensions. In addition, some radios offer wired remote control that can be wired and installed on the dash of the motorcycle. However, rain and the weather elements render this useless after the first rain. On many installations I've seen marine radios install successfully and last a while, mostly because all the electronics are silicone covered, so water does no damage. A BMW control will not work with an non-factory radio ( non BMW ). You can buy it seperately for $135


My suggestion...spring for an Ipod or similiar MP3...it'll cost you a heck of a lot less, install will cause zero headaches...and there will be no channel changing or disc swapping.


Good Luck!

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Rich, not all factory radios are the same size.. Luckily most aftermarket radios are, if they are DIN or double DIN.. The DIN radio size is roughly 2" high by 7" wide..

Any of the DIN radios should fit right in your BMW.. You can (could anyhow) buy a radio adapter from BMW to allow the DIN radio to bolt right into the glove box.. Most aftermarket radios are DIN size as that size will fit about any application.. Remote control ability would probably be required as the location of the radio on the BMW RT precludes just reaching over & tuning it or controlling the volume..


As far as being water proof,, I'm not sure that would be needed as you will be mounting it in an enclosed box that is fairly water resistant.. I have been running a Sony non water proof radio in my Harley for a few years now & no problems with water or dirt… The Sony radios make very easy installations in the motorcycles as they have a single wire wired remote function that just uses different resistances for each function so in most cases the factory motorcycle controls can be made to operate most of the functions on the Sony radio with a different resistor brought on line by each motorcycle control switch.. If you ever decide to go that rote send me a PM as I spent a lot of time figuring out the resistance of each radio controlled function when I installed a Sony DIN radio in my Harley.. Sony also sells a rather small wired multi switch remote control that will bolt on about anywhere (that might be the easy way out on the BMW)..


Added: If you are looking for a CD radio you might conceder an MP3 CD type radio.. Unless you want to spend big money on a skip proof CD radio a lot of the more reasonably priced aftermarket AM/FM/CD player radios will skip when you hit a big bump or cattery road surface.. I use the MP3 setup in the Harley as those have read-ahead & buffering so don’t skip & even more important can get 6-8 hours of music on one disk so I don’t have to carry a lot of disks or change the disk while riding..



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